The First

The original being that called all else into existence. The First originally created The Six, so that He might teach them and train them through creations of their own. He was involved in the creation of all three of The Balances that exist in the world, aiding and guiding the designs of each of The Elements.

Most of creation is attributed to Him, but his own contributions are expontentially more complex than any of The Elements – yet His are balanced to perfection. Most of the creations of The Six are based in some way upon designs of his own.

The only exception to this is the Human race. Although he exposed The Six to a [[Human] before the creation of the Sentients, he did not call them into existence in the world. It was only once all the other Sentients were in existence that The Six compelled him to bring Humans into the world.

The consequences of this were impacting far beyond any other act of creation, for the world was designed with the intention of having only the other Sentients existing upon it. Humans are largely considered to be the cause of the Upsetting of the Balance, although they deny any truth in that statement.

The First

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